I. Tournament Location: Field venues will be located at Righetti High School, Orcutt Academy High School, and Orcutt Community Park (Rice Ranch). The tournament headquarters will be at Righetti High School.

II. Tournament Dates: January 28-29, 2012. Rain cancellation makeup dates are February 4-5, 2012.

III. Registration:

A. A team becomes an official tournament entrant only upon receipt of payment of the required registration fees and subsequent notification of acceptance by the Tournament Director or the designated representative.

B. All teams must be registered on or before January 18, 2012. Late registration of teams may be accepted subject to bracket availability or to balance age brackets.

C. Teams will be notified no later than January 23, 2012 as to their acceptance status once payment has been received. All teams will be notified via email only.

D. Entry fee: Payment is only accepted by credit card, league check, corporate sponsor check, or money order – no personal checks accepted. Teams are responsible for payment of any online service fee for electronic processing of funds. For payments by check or money order, please enclose the Payment Summary Coupon printed from the tournament registration site and send along with the check or money order to: Orcutt United Soccer League (OUSL), P.O. Box 2091, Orcutt, CA 93457. Payment must be received by January 23, 2012 to be accepted and scheduled for games.

Entry Fees

U10 $475.00

U12 $525.00

U14 $525.00

Entry Fee Discounts:

Leagues entering 3-4 teams receive $25 per team discount

Leagues entering 5 or more teams receive $50 per team discount

NOTE: All applications will undergo a final review for discounts and leagues will be sent any discounts due following completion of the tournament.

E. Teams not accepted will receive a full refund. Withdrawals from the tournament by teams prior to the deadline will be subject to a $75.00 processing fee. Team withdrawal after the tournament payment deadline of January 23, 2012 will forfeit their entire tournament registration fee. Please refer to the Refund policy under Section XVI, Title, Governing Rules and Regulations, Item C.

F. Cancelled Games Refund Policy:

1. Cancellation of all games: 100% refund less $50.00 Administrative fee.

2. Cancellation of two games: 60% refund less $50.00 Administrative fee.

3. Cancellation of one game: 30% refund less $50.00 Administrative fee.

4. Three (3) games played: No refund

5. A game played is defined as a game that was 50% completed

6. Games that are terminated by the referee for conduct or lack of players are not considered to be cancelled.

G. February 4th and 5th 2012 have been assigned as rain cancellation make up dates.

H. No team referee deposit is required.

I. OUSL will provide for EMT's or other qualified medical staff on site during the tournament.

IV. Player Eligibility

A. Open to affiliated Recreational Teams and Recreational All-Star Teams from USYSA State Associations, CYSA-North, CYSA-South, and AYSO. Teams traveling from outside of CYSA-South must comply with travel procedures. All-Star Recreational Teams and Recreational Teams will be allowed up to 3 loan players (no club players).

B. Coaches are responsible for filling out the rosters on the Cal South on-line system before January 23, 2012. Team rosters will be verified to ensure the eligibility of players. All team's rosters will be verified for eligibility requirements specified below. Non-CYSA teams require the signature of their League Registrar or AYSO Regional Commissioner or their Representatives.

C. Age Grouping, Team Rosters, and Player Eligibility.

1. Each age division will be divided into one or more groups. The tournament committee shall have the absolute authority to structure a division in the best interests of all participating teams.

2. All Star/Recreational; (a minimum of 3 teams will be required to play in all divisions). Boys and Girls age groups will be in two-year increments as follows:

(U10) Under ten years of age

(U12) Under twelve years of age

(U14) Under fourteen years of age

3. Team rosters will be limited to the following:

(U10) -12 players and 2 coaches

(U12 and U14) -16 players and 2 coaches

4. Players may not be added at team check-in.

5. Current season player cards (2011-2012) for each player and coach must be presented at team of check-in for roster verification. Player and Coach Administrator cards require photo, League Registrar or District Commissioner signature, and must be laminated.

6. Each head coach is responsible for assuring the eligibility of all players on his/her team. Player birth certificates are not needed for registration, but must be available if requested by the Tournament Director. Examples of why the birth certificate would need to be reviewed include: a player playing outside of his or her age: date of birth, spelling of name, etc., is listed wrong on the player card; because of an administrative error, etc.

7. Coaches must maintain, in their possession at all times, an official CYSA or AYSO signed medical release (player registration) form with original signatures (no copies). NO FORMS - NO PLAY· NO EXCEPTIONS

8. All CYSA and AYSO players must have been registered and played in the same division in CYSA or AYSO during the 2011-2012 regular season.

V. Loan Players:

All-Star and Recreational Teams are allowed to have up to three (3) loan players from another team, provided every loan player has a player card, a signed medical release form, and has been entered on the official tournament team roster in the Cal South on-line tournament registration system. No club players - Club players CANNOT be loaned to an All-Star or recreational team playing in the Orcutt Cup Classic.

VI. Scheduling

A. All teams will be guaranteed a minimum of three (3) games.

B. All team grouping will be conducted by random draw.

C. All game scheduling will be conducted by random draw.

D. All field scheduling will be conducted by random draw.

E. All times of play will be conducted by random draw.

F. Scheduling will be available one week before tournament start date. In the event that unusual conditions necessitate rescheduling, curtailment, or cancellation of games, the tournament committee shall have the authority to make these changes in the best interest of the tournament.

VII. Awards

A. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams will receive player medals. 1st and 2nd place teams will receive a single team cup trophy. All participating players will receive a tournament pin.

B. Tournament pins will be handed out at the team check-in. All other awards will be presented during the awards ceremony after the last game of each bracket.

VIII. Game Conduct

All games shall be conducted in accordance with the current FIFA Laws of the Game and decisions of the International Board in effect, except as modified by OUSL here-in.

A. All participants (coaches, player’s referees, and spectators) are expected to follow these guidelines with a positive spirit for the benefit of all the young people who participate in the tournament. Fair play is expected and anything less will not be tolerated.

B. Coaches (or other team officials) shall not enter the field of play, unless requested by the referee. Only coaches and players will be allowed in the Technical Area. Coaches and assistant coaches must have identification badges and must wear them during their games.

C. Coaches are responsible for their conduct and the conduct of their players, spectators and guests. They are expected to follow the guiding principles of OUSL and take the lead in providing an atmosphere of fun and good sportsmanship.

D. Taunting, baiting, ridiculing motions or body language, intimidation, foul or abusive language, or other acts of poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated on or off the field of play. Tournament Directors, Board of Directors, Field Marshals, their designees, and referees may ask any person to leave the tournament grounds for infractions of this rule.

E. If a player is ejected from any game, the minimum penalty for an ejection is that the player shall not be permitted to play in the immediate next tournament game of his/her team.

F. If the ejection is for violent conduct, the Tournament Director may assess additional penalty to the player. This rule also applies to coaches, assistant coaches, and spectators.

IX. Competition

A. Each age division will be divided into one or more groups. The tournament committee shall have the absolute authority to structure a division in the best interests of all participating teams.

B. Thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of each scheduled game, a team representative must present to the Field Marshal the team’s game card and player cards so that the team may be checked into play and the game started at its scheduled time. During this time the Field Marshal will check player cards, equipment, and safety.

C. All games shall start on time. If a team is not on the field of play and ready to start the game within five minutes after the scheduled time, the game shall be deemed a forfeit. A forfeit shall be recorded as a 1-0 win in favor of the opposing team, will count as game played, no makeup will be provided.

D. A minimum of seven (7) players for U12 and U14, and five (5) players for U10 shall constitute a team: a scheduled game shall not commence nor be continued if one or both teams cannot field the minimum number of eligible players. If a game cannot be started, as a result of both teams being unable to field the minimum number of eligible players, each team to be assessed a 0-1 loss.

E. Each team in each group will play qualifying games within their group. Advancement to final rounds will be determined at the end of preliminary games.

1. The winner of each Semi-Final game will advance to the Championship.

2. The losing team of each Semi-Final game will advance to the Consolation game if that age division has 8 or more teams. For 6 or less teams, the Semi-Final game will constitute the third game for the loser of the game and no Consolation game will be played.

3. In the event that a tie exists when determining the top teams in each group/division, the following tiebreakers will be used in the order printed:

a. Winner in Head to Head Competition

b. Head to Head Goal Differential

c. Goal Differential

d. Most Total Wins

e. Fewest Goals Against

f. Most Goals For

g. Most Shut Outs

F. Teams play for the following points:

Win: 6 points Tie: 3 points Loss: 0 points Each goal scored: 1 point (max 3) Shutout (Earned): 1 point Each Red Card/Send-off: 1 point deduction Forfeit: 8 points - counts as game played, no makeup

G. Game length for Preliminary games (all games are on a running clock):

U10 - 50 minutes U12 - 60 minutes U14 - 60 minutes

There will be no overtime periods in preliminary games.

H. Game length for Semi-Final, Consolation, and Championship games (all games are on a running clock):

U10 - 50 minutes U12 - 60 minutes U14 - 60 minutes

Overtime will occur in semi-final, consolation, and championship games as follows:

Two (2) overtime periods of five (5) minutes each will be played, no golden goal. If a team is playing short because of ejection, that team will continue to play short during overtime periods. If a winner has not been determined after the two (2) overtime periods, a shootout will occur in accordance with FIFA guidelines. Only the players left on the field after the second overtime period can participate in the shoot-out.

I. A game is "complete" upon completion of one half of play regardless of the circumstances of termination during the second half with final results based on the score at the time the game is called.

J. At the completion of each game, the Referee Lineup cards must be signed by the referee and a coach from each team verifying the result and provided to Field Marshal.

X. Substitution

A. Except as noted below, it is recommended that all registered players in attendance at games participate and play at least half of the game, excluding overtime.

B. Free substitution is allowed on stoppage of game, with the referees' permission.

C. Players not present (or expected to be absent) when the game begins must be identified on the line-up card.

D. During overtime periods, players may only be substituted at the beginning of each overtime period.

E. Any team found not to be following the rules governing substitutions might be subject to immediate disqualification. It is the coach's responsibility to ensure that all players play half a game, and not the referee's job to remind the coach of a player who has not complied with this section.

F. Substituting for injuries:

1. If a player is injured and taken out of the field, the coach may provide a substitute for the player, in which case the injured player may not return until the next stoppage of play (injured players substituted for in overtime periods may not re-enter during the overtime period, unless as a substitute for another injured player).

2. The coach may choose to play "short" and not substitute for an injured player taken out of the field. The player must be recognized by the referee to legally return to the game.

XI. Officiating

A. Referees shall at all times impose the rules and regulations of the competition as defined by OUSL Modified Playing Rules and the FIFA Laws of the Game in general.

B. Referees shall at all times put great emphasis on the welfare of the players and officiate the game in a manner conducive to clean competition and good sportsmanship.

C. If a player is injured, the referee, at his/her discretion, may stop play to ensure the welfare of the player, even if the ball has not gone out of play.

D. A Field Marshal will be available at all times during the tournament for any questions such as field assignments and scheduling.

E. Referees will be scheduled based on their qualifications to officiate assigned age groups.

F. Referees must have at a minimum the yellow striped and solid black uniforms with black referee shorts and referee socks. Referees are expected to ensure that their attire does not conflict with the color of the teams they are officiating.

G. Referees who are watching games shall not be in referee attire. At a minimum, the referee jersey must be changed and socks should be covered or changed.

H. OUSL will provide all necessary referees to cover games. These referees will be used as determined by the OUSL Director of Referees. OUSL will strive to use the highest quality referees on every game.

I. Referees shall incorporate the diagonal system of control using three (3) referees on each game.

J. Referees are required to submit a written misconduct report for any cautions or send-offs issued for players, coaches, or spectators.

K. CYSA District and AYSO Regional Commissioners, OUSL President, and the OUSL Tournament Director will receive a report of all misconducts within the tournament.

XII. Duties and Responsibilities of Coaches and Officials

It shall be the duty of each coach and official to:

A. Conduct himself/herself in a manner promoting good sportsmanship.

B. At all times encourage clean competition and fair play.

C. Coach his/her respective team to the best of his/her ability.

D. Uphold the tournament rules and regulations.

E. Participate in positive coaching that instructs and encourages players.

F. Present a healthy, athletic environment for players.

G. Coaches and referees shall not consume alcoholic beverages or use tobacco products during games or in the immediate vicinity of the soccer fields.

H. Sideline coaching shall be limited to two (2) coaches from each team. They shall be limited to the Technical Area that extends ten (10) yards on either side of the halfway line and at least one (2) yards from the touchline.

I. Spectators should stay at least one (2) yards back from the touchline and at least 18 yards from the goal lines.

J. All players, coaches, spectators, and guests shall remain on their team's side of the field.

K. Negative comments and complaints about refereeing shall not be allowed.

L. Each team shall be responsible for the trash in their own spectator area.

M. Troublemakers will be escorted off the field and asked to remain there through the duration of the game. The referee shall suspend play of the game with the clock running at his/her discretion until the individual(s) are escorted from the field area.

N. Only players are allowed on the field. No one shall remain behind the goals during the game.

XIII. Teams

A. A team representative is required to check in their team ONE HOUR prior to their first game on the first day of the tournament at the Field Marshal table. At check-in, the coach will present his or her team's signed medical release forms and player cards.

B. A player may not play on more than one team.

C. Each player must check-in prior to the official start of a team's participation in the Tournament. A late player check-in can be coordinated with the Tournament Director or Field Marshal. Any player unable to check in and be verified for whatever reason at the tournament check-in will have their name highlighted on the game card and will be ineligible to play in any games until they have been properly checked in.

D. If a player did not check in before the start of the first game, they must go to the Field Marshal table to check-in accompanied by their coach or parent, OUSL original registration form, and the team's game cards to have their registration verified. Players will not be allowed to play until a tournament official has signed the game cards beside that player’s name.

E. Teams discovered to have ineligible player(s) may be disqualified from further competition. Previous games played by a disqualified team will be recorded as a 1-0 win for the opposing team, regardless of the initial result.

F. The first team listed on the schedule is the home team. The home team shall occupy the North or West side of the field. The home team will be responsible for providing the game balls.

G. Home teams will change jerseys when there is a color conflict.

XIV. Uniforms/Player Equipment

A. All uniforms shall be in accordance with Cal South and OUSL Rules and Regulations. All uniforms including shorts and socks will be the same for all team players; any variation will be reason for a player to not participate.

B. Shin guards of appropriate length must be worn by all players at all times during the game. Shin guards must be completely covered and inside the sock during the game.

C. Sliding pants/bicycle shorts may be worn but at no time can they extend below the knee; and must be the same color as the dominant color of the uniform shorts, or black. If garments are worn under the uniform top the same rules regarding color apply.

D. Knee Braces - To protect the players, players requiring wearing of metal knee braces WILL NOT be allowed to play.

E. No player can play during the game with any type of hard cast. A soft foam wrap will not be allowed around any hard cast. Only a soft foam wrap without any hard or ridged reinforcing will be allowed. The center referee makes the final determination for acceptability.

F. Keepers are required to wear a jersey that is different in color and is distinct from both teams playing. The jersey may not have any offensive logos.

G. No wrist sweatbands are allowed. The only exception is the covering of a Medical I.D. bracelet.

H. No hats or hoods are allowed with the exception of appropriate religious headgear and beanies in inclement weather. Goalkeepers may wear soft brimmed caps.

I. No jewelry of any kind is allowed on any part of the body; this includes but is not limited to rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, string, friendship bracelets, or other, used for decoration or any other purpose. Beads braided in the hair are considered jewelry. The covering of jewelry is not permitted; all jewelry must be removed for a player to be allowed to play.

J. Long fingernails are considered unsafe and will not be allowed. Knit gloves may be worn over long fingernails.

K. Anything viewed by the Field Marshal or center referee as a hazard to a player will not be allowed.

L. Removal of the jersey (or rising above the head) as a celebration will be considered Unsporting Behavior and will result in a Yellow Card, per FIFA ruling.


XVI. Governing Rules and Regulations

A. OUSL Rules and Regulations, Cal South Guidelines/Policies, and FIFA Laws of the Games as modified by OUSL, will govern anything not covered in the Tournament Rules and Guidelines.

B. The Tournament Director or designated representative(s) will decide upon any situation or subject not covered by the aforementioned rules.

XVII. Medical

OUSL will use our volunteer pool for medical attention. They will be certified in CPR and First Aid. The Santa Barbara County Fire Department and AMR Services will handle any emergency care.